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Tays hero iMovie 


Interesting Photo No.2


On Friday the 5th of August Oatlands held there own OATLYMPICS ( like Oatlands dose every year, ) 4TC ( my class,) had to do the United States of America. It was a really nice day and we all had lots of fun. My favourite activity was the hurdles, I liked when we had to go over and under, when I went under I always ended up doing a barrel roll, ( which was awesome.)

Best Work!

The week Mrs Clarke was away we looked at this photo of man walking sideways on a type rope over a city. First thought I thought that it was Photoshopt ( when a photo is taken and effects get put on it by computer.) Because in real life it would be impossible to do that. When we got started I was thinking of how to lay out my picollage. 05 minutes later I got started, when I had finished everyone else was already finished  except for Christian ( who sits next to me wasn’t,) when I showed she was amazed so she gave me and Christian 500 housepointsfor puting in lots of effort.


Hebron’s Pic


Something Intresting…