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I think I feel I wonder

I think I feel I wonder




Question: what’s is happening in this photo.

I think that giraffe doesn’t know that lions behind him.

I feel like that lion is going to catch up to it and eat him.

I wonder if that giraffe is going to realise that lion is behind him.




20 Adverbs



 on Wednesday afternoon the school held a athletics day for our house colors I was wearing blue stuff but I was in Fraser we were trying our hardest to try win but everyone done good some were struggling to try keep up with other’s but they still tried.

Best work 

Today we read a book called my dog doesn’t like me it’s about a dog called ugly and the dog doesn’t like him and there’s a kid called Erik it was a good book some people had to do some questions I had a turn of reading I was a bit stuck on some words but I worked it out I was picked by some sticks I was lucky to get picked the book was a little bit funny there’s a part where he is’nt allowed to walk around with shoes.

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I Think I Feel I Wonder






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