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Merry Christmas 4TC

Thank you all for a great year we’ve all had  the best teacher. Merry Christmas and I hope you a great 2017!

From Brynn

Bye Bye Best class EVER

Thank you so much Mrs Clarke. You’re the best teacher and we’ve all had a great year. GOOD LUCK AT YOU’RE NEW SCHOOL!
From The 4TC Family


I Think I Feel I Wonder Brynn


I Think I Feel I Wonder Brynn


Adverbs BRYNN


Athletics and oatathon

At Athletics I competed in hurdles 200m run 100m run and hurdles I had a great time. I came 5th in 200m 4th in hurdles and 5th in 100m. I also had fun at the oatathon it was a really good day. We had to run for an hour and try to get as much laps as we could I did 12 laps around th soccer oval.


Brynns fraction


Best Work

This is my favourite work because i think I layed it out pretty well.We did this on national simultaneous story time. The book we read was I got this hat and then we had to find a bunch of hats and put them in a picollage


I Got See these Komodo Dragons In Their Natural Habitat 

Pic collage😀

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