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Merry Christmas 4TC

Thank you all for a great year we’ve all had  the best teacher. Merry Christmas and I hope you a great 2017!

From Brynn


Oatlympics day was fun and I enjoyed it. I’ve joined 4Pw and we represented Jamaica. We did lots of fun activities. 

It’s amazing being in Mr Watson’s classroom for a bit!



Oatlipics day was fun. I enjoyed all the activities and games. My class represented U.S.A , we wered red,white and blue. I can’t what for next time.

Best Work 

This is the best work I think I have done so far. I like to doing piccollage. We did dogs and cat on piccollage. The whole class like doing piccollages.


Darren fractions 

I think I Feel I wonder Darren 




Pic collage😀


Keep calm


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