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Merry Christmas 4TC

Thank you all for a great year we’ve all had  the best teacher. Merry Christmas and I hope you a great 2017!

From Brynn

I think I feel I wonder

I think I fell I wonder Poster



On Friday 4TC (my grade) went the the oatlympics! Every grade in the school had a different countrie , my class countrie was U.S.A! We did heaps on fun activities! My personal favourite was the Hopers because I kept falling over and cheering on I laughed so hard I started crying😂


Ryan’s I feel I wonder I think 

I think I feel I wonder?



This day was fun sporty day it was on Friday the 5th of August all the different classes hat to dress up in different country’s my grade was USA we had so much fun we saw so many country’s it was amazing after that we went on the soccer field and play so many games.


Oatlipics day was fun. I enjoyed all the activities and games. My class represented U.S.A , we wered red,white and blue. I can’t what for next time.


On Friday everyone went to the Oatlympics.

We did a big parade,all the grades went around and showed off there costumes.

Our grades country was U.S.A and we did lots of activities.


On Friday Oatlands primary school held the oatlympics 

You had to wear a country that your teacher tells you 

I was USA (America) I had the best time in the world

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