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Merry Christmas 4TC

Thank you all for a great year we’ve all had  the best teacher. Merry Christmas and I hope you a great 2017!

From Brynn

I think I feel I wonder! By Holly

I think I feel I wonder

Claude Monet 

Today 4TC were learning about Claude and we were learning how to paint like him

Kiro, Holly, Ryan and Tanayas Eiffel Tower making

Ryan’s I feel I wonder I think 

Oatlympics day

On Friday Oatlands Primary School held our own Olympics. We called it the Oatlympics. My grade dressed up as America. I got to participate in the opening ceremony but then I had to go home as I was sick.



Oatlipics day was fun. I enjoyed all the activities and games. My class represented U.S.A , we wered red,white and blue. I can’t what for next time.


On Friday Everyone went to the Oatlympics! Every grade got a different countrie. 4TC (my grade) was U.S.A and I wore a red and white striped top with blue leggings.

Best work

This is my favourite photo because I made a cute avatar at library of myself. I like it because I like looking at myself so I made it. Doing this made me happy.


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