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Merry Christmas 4TC

Thank you all for a great year we’ve all had  the best teacher. Merry Christmas and I hope you a great 2017!

From Brynn

I think I feel I wonder



I think I feel I wonder

Ryan’s I feel I wonder I think 


Question: what’s is happening in this photo.

I think that giraffe doesn’t know that lions behind him.

I feel like that lion is going to catch up to it and eat him.

I wonder if that giraffe is going to realise that lion is behind him.



Today on August 10th, 2016 we did some work learning about adverbs. We had to do 20 adverbs on a poster I did mine on pic collage.



On Friday Oatlands primary school held the oatlympics 

You had to wear a country that your teacher tells you 

I was USA (America) I had the best time in the world


On Friday, Oatlands Primary held their Oatlympics. Each class dressed up representing a country. 4TC were representing the United States – USA. After the open ceremony the students competed in some fun sporting activities. 4TC were very excited to participate…

Best work

I think this is my best work because I thought I put a lot of effort and detail into this. I also thought it was fun doing this work that’s why I put effort and detail. I enjoyed doing it and I hope I do something like it again. So once agin I enjoyed because I put detail and effort I want to do something like it again and overall I really enjoyed it.





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